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Mafex® ULV Sprayers

The MAFEX® ULV application system is used worldwide to make accurate, low volume applications of pesticides, in particular to potatoes, apples, oranges and similar crops for extended storage preservation, chitting prevention or anti fungal seed treatments.

Quick Look/Features of the Mafex® ULV Sprayers

MAFEX® for potatoes

  • The MAFEX® system is particularly good at applying seed treatments or CIPC growth regulator in the form of Gro-Stop Ready® from Certis.
  • The accurate and even application of CIPC as the crop is harvested has a very long lasting effect so that additional treatments in store become less necessary, saving on chemical and application costs.
  • This accurate method avoids over application ‘hot spots’ of CIPC that exceed regulatory maximum food residues, protecting its registration for continued use. It also avoids under applications that allow the crop to chit in store with consequent losses.
  • As the crop is treated immediately as it enters store, any harvesting delays due to poor ground conditions do not mean delays in treating any of the earlier harvested crop as is the case in having to fill a store prior to hot fogging. The sooner CIPC is applied, the better it works. Extended delays in treatment can result in crop losses.

Details of the Mafex® ULV Sprayers

The all-round wetting of the nodular surface is indispensable for fighting pests. Individual active agent particles must cover the surface with the least possible separation gap. In order to achieve an equal distribution, the chemical agent available is dispersed in a multitude of uniformly sized droplets.

On the MAFEX® unit, this is accomplished by means of centrifugal force using a specially developed rotation disc that generates approx. 30 million even sized 40 micron droplets from 1 ml of liquid. The droplets are uniformly deposited on the surface through the vertical air steam generated by the rotation disc and gravity, as well as by the rotating and falling motion of the potatoes or fruit. In this manner, an optimal coverage is achieved.

Case Study

These Markies were treated with Gro-Stop ready at 150ml per tonne in late October 2011. The photos were taken as they leave the store on 11th July 2012 (So over 8 months in store) with no chitting and no further treatments of CIPC during storage.

Technical Information of the Mafex® ULV Sprayers

For a greater outcome, use with Roundup Pro Biactive 450

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Mafex® Potato Manual